If you find or have lost something at one of our stations, we can easily help find the owner or the lost object/document.

The process is as follows:

When you find an object/document:

  • You should find a member of staff and let them know the type of object/document and where it was found.
  • The object/document will be sent to ticket office at the station where the loss was reported and taken to the Customer Services Center.
  • The Customer Service Center team will hold it for 5 days (in the case of the object) or 15 days (when referring to a document. Perishables will be thrown away at the end each day.

When you are looking for an object/document:

  • You can make contact through the SuperVia Phone. From your description of the object we will look for it at the Center.
  • Should your object/document be found, it will be available for pickup for 5 days at the Information Desk at Central do Brasil Terminal.
  • The Information Desk is open from Wednesday to Friday, from 12pm to 6pm.