We are SuperVia and we operate a service of urban trains in Rio de Janeiro and a further 11 municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Duque de Caxias, Nova Iguaçu, Nilópolis, Mesquita, Queimados, São João de Meriti, Belford Roxo, Japeri, Magé, Paracambi e Guapimirim), through a railway network stretching 270 km, divided into eight branches and the hundred and two stations.

In 2011, Odebrecht TransPort, a company focused on urban mobility, highway concessions, integrated logistical systems and airports, took over a controlling interest in SuperVia.

In 2015, Odebrecht TransPort joined Mitsui and created an Odebrecht Mobility.

We are responsible for transporting on average 600,000 passengers per week today, and we are going through a process of improvement in our whole system. In five years all branches will undergo significant changes.

  • Fleet of train

    Fleet in operation: 201 train

    Fleet with conditioning: 189 trains

  • Renovation of the fleet

    140 new trains in operation
    12 new trains currently being constructed

  • Demand of passengers

    Record number of passengers transported: 735 on 17/08/2016

    Number of passengers in 2016: 181,000,000