We are the company that operates trains in Rio de Janeiro and our commitment to the customer goes far beyond transportation.

We have a mission...

Make SuperVia a sustainable company, with high added value, a reference in urban mobility for its spirit in serving, with maximum safety and efficiency of its operation.

And a clear vision of where we want to go...

Provide the best experience of coming and going, offering excellent services, thus contributing to people's quality of life.

Values that guide us...

Our beliefs and attitudes are the guiding principles of our conduct and are part of our identity.

● Integrity as base of conduct

● Non-negotiable security

● Respect for people and diversity

● Transparency and openness supported by fairness and openness, which are the basis of our relationships

● Genuine spirit to serve, putting the customer first

Business resilience as a force to deal with and overcome adversity

High performance by valuing collaborative work in the pursuit of continuous improvement and exceeding goals