Our activities are governed by the concept of ESG- Environmental, Social and Governance. All our actions involve a strategic vision that aims to guarantee a positive and transformative socio-environmental impact for SuperVia.

We are part of the history of Rio de Janeiro and understand the extent of a responsibility. For this reason, our commitment is focused on 3 themed pillars that help to develop society in the Fluminense region: Diversity/Inclusion, Environment and Culture.


Our quest for diversity and inclusion is recent, albeit one that follows a dynamic program to promote our initiatives.

To achieve this, we have developed training programmes, sensibility sessions, debates and meetings that bring together leaders and staff members from different areas, hierarchical levels and life choices, and are designed to foster discussions on LGBTQ IA+, people with disabilities, gender equality and racial equality.


We encourage cultural endeavors through our partnership programmes and internal activities. We are pleased to announce projects such as the Reading Train, Literary Fridge, Samba Train and Choro Train, besides a variety of cultural activities that we are involved with in the partnership programme.

Being sustainable is in our genes. We are committed to the well-being of people, both within and outside the railway network. Therefore, our staff members work together to identify risks and opportunities related to the environment.
Among the most important actions that we have developed are:

· The disposal of lightbulbs

· The re-use of water

· The recycling of cardboard

· Pruning and trimming

· Removal of bees and hornets

· Management of solid and liquid waste