SuperVia establishes in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy the conditions for using its site, through which the user may access operational and institutional content, such as texts, images, presentations, audios and videos available on the same


1.1 Internet: means through which the user can access SuperVia’s operational and institutional content on SuperVia’s website.

1.2 Site: virtual location where SuperVia's operational and institutional content is made available to the user

1.3 User: any physical person who accesses the website

1.4 Personal Information: information supplied spontaneously by the user and which identify him stroke her including, for example the full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address

1.5 User Support Service: channel through which the user may complain, make suggestions and remove doubts etc. will stop this service will be available through the tab “Speak to Us”

2.Terms of use:

2.1 All information on the SuperVia website, including but not limited to texts, photographs, drawings, images, videos, audiovisual material are protected by the Federal Constitution and by the Law of Copyright (Federal Law No 9.610, from 19.02.98 )

2.2 any copyright and other intellectual property rights contained in the website are the property of SuperVia or were licensed by or ceded to the same by their owners to be reproduced on the SuperVia website.

2.3 The following belongs to SuperVia: (i) all and any software or function employed by SuperVia on the website; (ii) the visual identity of the website (including the visual/graphic arts project on any of the pages ); (iii) the company name, brand, website address, slogan or expression of advertising or any distinctive sign of its title inserted into the website; and (iv) all and any content created and produced by SuperVia, by themselves or third parties, which may not be reproduced, in any way or form, by users

2.4 The operational and institutional operation published on the SuperVia website are aimed at the general public

2.5 it is completely prohibited:

2.5.1 To reproduce, translate, modify, sell, publish, distribute or use in any other way, the content of this website, totally or partially, commercially or non-commercially, without prior authorization in writing from SuperVia.

2.5.2 To totally or partially copy the database contained on the SuperVia website.

2.5.3 To totally or partially reproduced or imitate, with or without additions, the brands, emblems, figures, symbols, print, logos or any other distinctive sign contained in this website.

3.Privacy Policy of User's data:

3.1 Privacy Policy applies to obtaining, using, keeping and revealing Personal Information provided by the users of the SuperVia website

3.2 The objective of SuperVia in obtaining personal data of its users are solely:

3.2.1 To meet the requests of users, remove any doubts and return contact, within SuperVia's powers and

3.2.2 To trace the profile of users to improve the services provided to the same

3.3 Meeting the requirements of the current legislation, users of this site are guaranteed that privacy of personal data supplied by them. To this end, SuperVia Pressley declares not to make available any mechanism that personally identifies users and/or their respective electronic addresses. All personal data to which SuperVia has access via the website are, by necessity, informed by themselves voluntarily in the "SPEAK TO US" field.

3.4 notwithstanding the paragraph above, SuperVia reserves the right to generate statistical and generic information on the behavior of users on the website and declares that the number of visits to the website are counted, and can be made freely available.

3.5 SuperVia will not divulge all parts on to third parties any Personal Information on the users, except when (i) there is express authorization from the user; (ii) when required by law to do so; (iii) when presented with a legal or administrative warrant by the Public Authority.

3.6 the user is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data given in recognizes that they will be subject to legal penalties should they involve unrelated third parties in the SuperVia-user relationship.

3.7 the user declares that they are aware and agreed with the collection and storage, treatment processing and use of Information sent and/or transmitted by the user under the terms established above.

4.Privacy Policy of the Press Room

4.1 The time quotes Press Room" is an area with restricted content only for journalists and aims to give access to exclusive content.

4.2 to access restricted content it will be necessary to register on the website, creating a profile with login and password, and/or supply all or some personal registration data, such as: full name, address, e-mail, CPF.

4.3 the Personal Information given by journalists to access the press Room will receive the same treatment as Personal Information provided by users.

4.4 On this exclusive channel it will be possible for registered journalists to download some material made available by SuperVia.

5.Links to Third Parties:

5.1 The website may contain links to other websites(s) of third parties. The user recognizes that they are subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the respective website(s).


6.1 Any tolerance or noncompliance with any of the articles in this Terms of Use and Privacy policy by any user does not constitute the waiver of the right to demand performance of the obligation, nor forgiveness, nor change of that stated hereunder.

7. Alterations

7.1 SuperVia, at any time, and under its exclusive criterion and with no obligation to give advanced warning or notice after the fact to users or third parties, may: (i) suspend, cancel or interrupt access to the website and (ii) remove, alter and/or update the website as a whole or in part, as well as its respective content and/or Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

7.2 Any alteration and/or update on this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall only become effective as of the date of its publication on the website and should be completely observed by the users.