Permitted times for bikes on trains

  • Working days: from 21:00 onwards.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: all day long.

How to ensure your safety and that of other passengers

  • To access the station with a bicycle, look for an employee to allow access through the service gate.
  • To access the station with a bicycle, children under 12 must be accompanied by a adult.
  • Entry with a delivery or transport bicycle is not permitted.
  • Motor vehicles are not allowed.
  • Inside the stations and at the access points, push the bicycle beside you. Riding and cycling are not allowed.
  • Taking the bike inside the stations and access points is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the bike owner.
  • To access the platforms with bicycle, use the stairs. You are not allowed to use escalators, elevators and elevating platforms when handling a bike.
  • For your safety, no part of the bicycle should cross the yellow belt while standing on the platform.
  • Inside the train, take care that the bicycle does not prevent the doors from closing or hinder the entry and exit of other passengers.
  • Damage caused to other passengers, yourself or SuperVia's assets is the sole responsibility of the bicycle owner.
  • For group tours made up of more than 10 people, request an exclusive service by calling 0800 726 9494, Monday through Friday.
  • SuperVia reserves the right to deny entry boarding of bicycles during special operations/events or at times of high passenger flow.