Transparency and candor are an integral part of SuperVia’s values and, increasingly, we are adopting practises that bring us closer to our clients, and society as a whole, with integrity and respect towards people.

Having Guarana Urban Mobility Incorporated (GUMI) as its major stockholder since mid-2019, and a new leadership team, we are also evolving by adopting best practices in corporate management that highlight a continuous process of improvement in its processes, seeking greater productivity, efficiency and operational safety, and which values teamwork. With this in mind, we have signed the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) with the Public Ministry, which will guarantee the implementation of accessibility at all station in the railway system. We have also signed the 12th addendum (TA12), through the State Transport Secretary (Setrans) together with the State Government, which now allows for the start of the recovery of the railway system.

Here, in this constantly evolving space, you will be able to follow the indicators and analyses that show our operational routine and business management, overseen and checked by auditors, and you will have access to technical and relevant information on train operations in Rio.