Crédito: Rodrigo Pires


Payment methods

  • Fares

    • Train

      R$ 4.20
    • Train + subway or municipal bus

      R$ 8.00
  • SuperVia cards

    Single journey
    Recommended for those who travel little;
    Should be used in station where purchased.

    Pre-paid card
    For credits in cash, minimum amount R$4.00 and maximum credit of R$200.00;
    Best option for those traveling all day long or for a group of people travelling together;
    There is no restriction regarding expiry date or time gap between uses on the card reader.

  • Fetransport Cards

    Bilhete Único (Single Ticket)
    Provided by the employees’ companies or acquired by individuals;
    Accepted on buses, subway, trains, ferries and authorized inter-municipal vans;
    Accepted in Rio Integration points, in Baixada, Metrô and SuperVia, on cards using the Single Ticket system.