SuperVia created the Code of Ethics Channel so that it's Staff, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Clients and other Collaborators can, in a safe and responsible way, provide information to maintain a safe, ethical, transparent and productive corporate environment.

Any information received here will be treated in absolute confidence. All reports are analyzed, covered by of the reality and independence, guaranteeing not only the anonymity of the person who gave the information but also security in investigation. Should you wish to identify yourself, please leave your contact information in the message.

Report a violation of the Code of Conduct.

In order for the violation of the conduct to be properly checked, please report what happened. The more details that I supplied the easier the information can be checked. Whenever possible please inform:

  • What the situation of the violation is.
  • What would be the course, motive or stimulus for the situation to occur.
  • How the violation of the Code of Conduct happened, happens or will happen.
  • Who the people and/or companies involved or witnesses are.
  • When the violation of the Code of conduct took place.
  • Where the deviation from the conduct happened, happens or will happen.
  • What are the amounts involved in the deviation or how many times this deviation occurred.
  • If there is any evidence, where this might be found.


Only one file per form will be permitted and this cannot be larger than 8 MB; if you wish to send more than one file, place them in a zip or rar file.
The accepted formats of files are zip, rar, gif, jpg, png, tiff, mp4, wmv, mov e avi.